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Birthday tattoos


Welcome back to Dorie's Stories {devotional} Blog!!!

For this post, I wrote a brand new devotional story that will be featured in my upcoming book!

The month of April is a busy one for our family. It starts the period of time when there are 7 birthdays in a span of about 3 weeks! It usually also includes Easter Sunday which is right around the corner.

This devotional story is inspired by this birthday frenzy and my amazing husband who goes along with my manic ideas, even dressing up as a tattoo artist for his daughter's rockstar birthday party.

From a future chapter from my currently unnamed next book . . .

Chapter ?: Birthday Tattoos

A decision was made at one point in my mothering journey to make birthdays a big deal. My logic was that it would somehow be easier to be totally awesome one day a year (per kid) than to try to be awesome every day.

I did not think this all the way through.

I did not anticipate the possible repercussions.

I did not know that my daughter would carry around a birthday binder several months out.

We did all the themes.

The tea parties,

the fairies,

the princesses,

lots of princesses,

the fashion models,

the rockstars

were a few of the favorites.

I always roped my husband into the action. He built mini stages and catwalks in our living room, a candy shoppe in the kitchen, a paint studio in our girls’ room, and even dressed up as the tattoo artist as part of the rockstar party crew.

But I knew it was coming.

Our oldest daughter was turning 16. I’m convinced that whoever invented the “Sweet 16” concept must have also sold party supplies.

She actually had wanted a quinceanera theme for her 15th, but I had heard the tales of the families who had to hire a bankruptcy lawyer after their daughters’ parties. So, I reminded her that we were not suddenly Latina. If I was, I would have things like thick hair, a beautiful skin tone, and I would be able to dance.

So I told her: “no way, Jose.”

Instead, we saved our money for the Sweet Sixteen. She told us that she wanted a “Cinderella" theme.