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Plan a Ladies' Night Out COMEDY FUN-DRAISER event for your Church

with Christian comedian/speaker/author, Dorie Mclemore


Looking for a way to provide a night of fun & laughter for your ladies while raising funds for your church group or cause -- instead of spending your budget?  Only $100 to book and then your group keeps half the ticket sales!   (No extra travel or meal expenses!)


Women need to LAUGH!   And they need hope right now more than ever... and maybe just an excuse to get out of doing dishes one night!   Laughing together bonds us, opens our hearts, and burns calories -- win, win, big win!


Dorie has been speaking and performing stand-up comedy at retreats, conferences, and events in the U.S. and around the world since 2006.  Her heart is to utilize her gift of comedy and writing to BRING JOY and help women recognize the HOPE they can have in God's faithfulness!


She has shared the stage with comedians Anjelah Johnson, Ben Bailey (Cash Cab), Dove award-winning comedian Bone Hampton, Bob Smiley, Kerri Pomarolli, Cleto Rodriguez; and speakers, Renee Swope (Proverbs 31 ministries), Dr. Caroline Leaf, and Alicia Britt Chole. 


She has also traveled with comedian/speaker Michael Jr and is a frequent co-host on his Funny How Life Works podcast. Recently, she published  the best-selling women’s devotional book, “Hope Looks Good on You!   A Comedian’s Joy-inducing Daily Devotional for Women.”


Infuse JOY and HOPE into your women's ministry group by scheduling a Ladies' Night OUT Comedy event with Dorie!  LIMITED DATES!



Step #1:  Submit an interest form below

Step #2:  Work out an available date & send in $100 to hold it

Step #3:  Promote event & keep half the ticket sales! 

(tickets = $20;  local event hosts guarantee 100 tickets; out-of-area event hosts guarantee 150 tickets)

Raise money for your women’s ministry, for special projects, for missions, and more!


More ideas to raise money with your comedy event:  

Concession sales, vendor sales tables, early entry/VIP ticket sales, silent auction, childcare at event, purse ticket raffle, and donation/pledge collection are a few ways other hosts have raised extra funds!


Dates are filling up quickly, fill out an interest form below today!





The Details and Planning Guide:


Christian comedian/speaker Dorie Mclemore will provide:


  • Promo pictures for your event

  • Nationwide travel, hotel, & meal expenses and arrangements

  • Approximate 60-minute clean stand-up comedy show, ending in a message of hope for your women


The cost of each ticket is a minimum of $20 which will be collected and handled by the host.   The host organization will keep half of all ticket sales and will provide a check to Dorie Mclemore for the other half at the event.  Hosts of local events guarantee that 100 tickets or more will be sold and hosts of out-of-area events guarantee that at least 150 tickets will be sold.   Out-of-area is considered over 200 miles from Dallas, Texas.


The more tickets sold, the more funds you raise for your group or cause!  If less than guaranteed tickets are sold, the host church will just need to cover the unsold tickets at $10/ticket at time of event.  

No special decor is necessary or expected, but if decor is desired, all decor expenses, set-up/tear-down will be handled by the host and her team.  

The host organization agrees to provide:

  • the location of the event with a stage, sound system, and seating for 150+ attendees

  • event promotion

  • pre-event and at-door ticket sales 

  • 1 volunteer for airport/hotel/event transportation for Dorie (out-of-area events only)

  • 1-2 experienced volunteer(s) for sound team

  • 2 volunteers to help run ticket sales at door

  • 2 volunteers to help sell Dorie's books/merch at table before/after event

  • 1 emcee of the event that will make announcements, intro the speaker, lead in giving response at the end if organization wants to do an offering/pledges

  • Optional:  1-2 game/giveaway host(s) if you want to do any opening games/giveaways with the ladies

  • 1 handheld mic (wireless preferred) 

  • a small podium/table or music stand and bottle of water onstage

  • one 6-foot table in the entry way/lobby area to sell her books/merchandise

Raise even more money for your organization or cause!...

The amount of money that your event will raise depends on your promotion of the event, ticket sales, and incorporating some or all of the other host-led optional ideas to raise funds during the event: 

  • Concession sales

  • Vendor sales tables

  • Early entry/VIP ticket sales

  • Silent auction

  • Childcare at event

  • Purse ticket raffle

  • Donation/pledge collection

Organizations have raised $1000s incorporating these ideas in addition to the money raised from half of the ticket sales!



Potential Order of the Event

Works best on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday nights


6:30pm   DOORS OPEN

If applicable, time for vendor shopping, concessions/baked goods/beverages available for purchase, silent auction opens. 

7:15pm   OPENING

Host emcee opens, leads games & giveaways (if applicable), and introduces Dorie


Dorie performs comedy and ends with a short, encouraging message about placing our hope in God


8:30pm   CLOSING

Closing remarks from women's director and closing activities if applicable:  word from host about pledges/offering, auction/ticket winners announced, live auction, etc.

Then, exit and last-minute shopping until close.

"From the first contact to the last laugh Dorie was phenomenal!  She is professional, courteous, personable, and funny!  If you're considering a talented comedian to increase attendance at your fundraising event, I cannot recommend Dorie with a higher recommendation -- she's an 11 on a 10 point scale.  We are planning for Dorie to return to next year's fundraiser and I'm already confident that it will be better than this year's which was over the top!!!"   
--  Ed Arnold, Journey Christian Community Church, Celebrate Recovery

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